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Hosted by Heather & Lindsey

Hang out with Heather and Lindsey as they discuss the ups, downs, and hilarity involved in being 30 something and a Mom on Magic 102.1’s Total Momsense podcast.

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Meet the Hosts


Heather is Bulldog born and bred and a proud University of Georgia Alumni. Originally from Marietta, she moved to California for a little over a year after graduating from UGA and returned to Athens in 2009. Heather is the Digital Brand Manager and Social Media Manager for Cox Media Group Athens, and she’s an on-air personality. When she is not at the radio station, you can often find her and her husband enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Northeast Georgia with their baby girl, Amelia and their dog, Burton.


Lindsey grew up in Florida but moved to Georgia with her husband in 2012 shortly after the birth of their first daughter. She’s been in advertising sales with Cox Media Group since that same year. Their second daughter came along in early 2017 and rounded out their family nicely, along with 4 dogs. Lindsey enjoys boating with her family on Lake Lanier, shopping and eating on the Dahlonega square, and watching Friends reruns whenever there’s free time.

The Latest Episodes On Demand

Total Momsense Episode 8

Total Momsense Episode 8

Heather fought the good fight this weekend when a stomach flu took down her house home, Lindsey had to do a diaper change on the floor of a WaHo, and this week's #GameChanger miiiiiight get you out of washing your face at night. And you know it, join the Facebook group (search Total Momsense)!


Total Momsense Episode 7

Lindsey needs some advice about her FINALLY six year old, Heather doesn't make up her bed every day, and this week's #GameChanger basically cuts down on your shower time by at least 75%. Also- join the Facebook group (search Total Momsense)!


Total Momsense Episode 6

Lindsey watches strange videos on the internet, some mom groups on Facebook freak Heather out, the #DadTakeThePic movement begins, and this week's #GameChanger revolves around grocery shopping. Oh and hey, join the Facebook group (search Total Momsense).


Total Momsense Episode 5

Lindsey got a pool, Amelia's boots are made for walkin', we're gonna call Ayva "Pearl" for a little bit, annnnd Heather and Lindsey introduce us to the #GameChanger segment. Oh hey- join the Facebook group (search "Total Momsense")!


Total Momsense Episode 4

Continue to take the deep dive into the #CoolMoms that are Heather and Lindsey with Part II of the two parter. Heather asks Lindsey the nail biting questions this week and we hear the story of "Chomper" at Heather's daycare. Also, join the Facebook group (search Total Momsense)!

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