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Statecraft and controversy: 20 percent of Trump’s first 100 days spent in Florida  

President Donald Trump has put a distinctive Florida stamp on his first 100 days in office by making seven trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate, mixing golf, statecraft and controversy.

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Trump has spent more time on presidential getaways than Barack Obama did in his first 100 days but not as much time away from the Washington as George W. Bush did at the beginning of his presidency. Much of the time Bush and Obama spent away from the White House in their first 100 days was at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland that’s a short helicopter ride from Washington. Trump has yet to visit Camp David. 

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Presidents routinely take breaks from Washington, but University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato says Trump’s early treks to Florida are different.

“Here’s what’s unusual about it — it’s that he’s had such a concentrated period of travel in total during the first 100 days. Most presidents stick very close to the White House during that time. If they go anywhere, they go to Camp David,” said Sabato. 

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Trump as president has logged 419¼ hours — about 17½ days — in Palm Beach County, primarily at Mar-a-Lago and his nearby Trump International Golf Club in unincorporated West Palm Beach, according to a new Palm Beach Post analysis. 

But how does that time compare to past presidents?

Read the complete story from The Palm Beach Post.

Another big investor tells Whole Foods to explore sale

Amid reports that Whole Foods Market could be the target of a takeover bid by supermarket chain Albertsons, another big investor in the Austin-based company is calling on management to consider a sale.

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Mutual-fund manager Neuberger Berman, which owns a 2.7 percent stake in Whole Foods, wrote to the company’s board this week calling on it to “immediately engage advisors” to review options -- including a sale or joint venture.

The letter from Neuberger Berman was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Whole Foods’ shares were up 44 cents, or about 1.2 percent, shortly before 1 p.m. Central time on Thursday.

Neuberger Berman’s call for Whole Foods to consider a sale comes less than a week after reports surfaced from the Financial Times that Albertsons, which operates about 2,200 stores, is considering making a takeover bid for Whole Foods. And it comes less than a month after investment group Jana Partners revealed it had built a 9 percent stake in Whole Foods and raised the possibility of either a management shakeup or even a sale for the company. Whole Foods has a current market value of about $11 billion.

Neuberger and Jana Partners aren’t working together to put pressure on Whole Foods’ leadership, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

A Whole Foods spokeswoman said the company welcomes shareholder input.

“We remain committed to continuing to take actions to drive shareholder value and position Whole Foods Market for the future,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Neuberger portfolio managers Charles Kantor and Marc Regenbaum said Whole Foods’ has a valuable brand and a dominant prepared-foods business that set it apart from its rivals. Yet they said the company has fallen behind rivals in adopting new retail technology that could help it increase sales and profit margins.

A number of factors, including intensified competition, have hit Whole Foods hard, leading to struggles in recent quarters. A March report from a Barclays analyst, for instance, suggested Whole Foods had lost 14 million customers since 2015 -- many of them to Kroger, which has stepped up its organic offerings.

Kroger has also been rumored to be interested in Whole Foods, according to published reports. So has Florida-based supermarket chain Publix.

Online retail giant Amazon last year considered making a takeover bid for Whole Foods as a way to boost its grocery operation, but decided not to pursue a deal, Bloomberg news service reported last week.

Founded in Austin in 1978, Whole Foods has 462 stores worldwide and 87,000 employees. In its fiscal first quarter, Whole Foods recorded record sales of $4.9 billion, but saw its net income decline and also lowered its earnings projections for the year.

Waffle House co-founder dies a month after his business partner

In March, Waffle House co-founder Joe Rogers Sr. died at age 97, leaving his 99-year-old partner Tom Forkner behind.

Now, Forkner has died, the Atlanta-based company confirmed Thursday.

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Details on the death weren’t immediately released.

The partners, who were neighbors, founded Waffle House in 1955 in Avondale Estates, Georgia. The pair had met when Rogers bought a house from Forkner, who was in the real estate business. 

They decided the DeKalb County city needed a 24-hour restaurant. It launched Labor Day.

Forkner stuck with the business side of the company as it grew into a southern icon, leaving Rogers to customer relations.

The two largely phased themselves out of the day-to-day in the 1970s. They still spent time at the corporate headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, even in their mid-80s. 

Look for updates at

One of the Kardashian sisters reportedly hasn’t spoken to Caitlyn Jenner in nearly two years

Caitlyn Jenner claims she hasn’t spoken to her stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian in nearly two years.

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The former Olympian opened up to Andy Cohen on his “Radio Andy” show on SiriusXM.

“She doesn’t want to talk to me,” Jenner said. “She hasn’t talked to me in, like, two years.”

She continued, “That’s sad. I was very, very close to Khloé. I mean, I had 23 years of raising her. I met Khloé. when she was 5 years old.”

Cohen then asked if Jenner was hurt by Kardashian’s actions and she replied, “Of course it hurts. Cause she was on ‘Howard Stern’ and called me a liar. And that kind of pissed me off too, cause I never lied to her, you know, if I didn’t tell her everything. First of all, she never asked.”

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Caitlyn Jenner has been feeling some backlash surrounding the release of her new memoir, “The Secrets of My Life” and said she stands by her work, even though her ex-wife Kris Jenner told her she “never wanted to talk to [Jenner] again.”

“My book is honest, and it’s my story, and I’m sorry she feels that way,” Caitlyn Jenner said. “And I just don’t want her to alienate me from my children.”

As for what she thinks will happen next, Caitlyn Jenner said she’s unsure what the future holds.

“I don’t know, we’ll see how that goes off in the future,” she said.

(H/T US Weekly)

Why does North Korea wake people with 6 a.m. musical alarm?

Citizens who live in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, wake up early every day to eerie music.

Viral videos have resurfaced of a 6 a.m. alarm blasted through the city’s loudspeakers. 

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Listen below. 

The song is called “Where Are You, Dear General,” according to The Sun.

It echoes through the city every day at 6 a.m., except Sundays, Mashable reported.

This music is part of a “morning ritual” that praises leader Kim Jong Un and “is intended to encourage workers to start their day off with more vigor,” The Associated Press reported last year.

Internet users weren’t feeling the patriotism, though.

Many comments on the YouTube videos compared the alarm to the Lavender Town music from Pokemon, the “X-Files” theme song and the “Blade Runner” soundtrack. 

Read more at The SunMashable and the The Associated Press.

Israeli missile launch: What is the Patriot Missile Defense System?

The Israeli military deployed its missile defense system Thursday to intercept a drone fired from Syria, officials said.

According to The Associated Press, the incident came after Syria accused Israel of attacking a military installation near Damascus International Airport early Thursday.

While Israel has several defense systems, military officials used the country’s aging Patriot Missile Defense System in Thursday’s incident.

What does the latest Patriot Missile Defense System do?

Here’s a quick look.

What was it designed for?According to the U.S. Army, the latest version of the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System is designed to detect, track and destroy unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), cruise missiles and short-range or tactical ballistic missiles.

What weapon is used in the system?The U.S. Army's Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3) missile, the newest weapon in the Patriot arsenal, is used in the system. 

How does it work?The system, guided by computers, launches Patriot missiles that seek out and destroy targets by slamming into them and exploding.

What does the missile contain?The PAC-3 Missile has a solid propellant rocket motor, 180 small-attitude control motors, a radar seeker, aerodynamic controls and an inertial guidance system, according to

What makes them “mobile?”The missiles are transported by and launched from the M901 launching station, which is mounted on a semitrailer and towed by a tractor. The tractor can carry up to 16 PAC-3 missiles. 

Who operates it?A crew of three operators analyzes incoming threats and responds by launching missiles if necessary.

How does the missile find its target?The PAC-3 missile is directed by a computer to an intercept point. Motors guide the missile directly into the incoming target.

Which countries have the systems?The Patriot Missile Defense System is in service (or on order) in the Republic of China (Taiwan), Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Spain. Poland will soon be getting the system. South Korea purchased a secondhand system from Germany.

Is it the main weapons system in Israel?The county has come to rely on its “Iron Dome” system, which is designed to shoot down short-range rockets, and its “Arrow” system, which was built to intercept ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The new “David’s Sling” missile defense system was introduced earlier this month. It is designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and medium- to long-range rockets.

Has Israel used the Patriot system before?Yes, it has. Israel’s system is an older version of the Patriot missile defense system. The last time the country used it was in July 2016, when missiles were fired at a drone believed to have been launched from Syria. Both missiles missed the drone.

What does it cost?Each MIM-104F Patriot PAC-3 missile costs around $3.4 million. The launcher costs $3.8 million.

(Sources: U.S. Army;; The Associated Press)

Bill Paxton remembered at premiere of final film ‘The Circle’ 

The director of the new tech drama “The Circle,” starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, remembered actor Bill Paxton at the film’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday.

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Paxton, who played Watson’s father, had a small role in the movie, his last before his death at 61 after heart surgery in February. 

Director James Ponsoldt called the late actor “endlessly generous,” Variety reported.

“Bill was amazing,” Ponsoldt said.

“He was one of my favorite actors for the longest time, going back to when I was a kid.” 

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Ponsoldt said he had been looking forward to making more films with Paxton, who had also directed several movies during his career.

“I was excited to make more films with him. I was excited for him to make more films as an actor and a director.”

“The Circle” opens in theaters on Friday.

United passenger dragged from plane reaches settlement with airline

A Kentucky doctor who made headlines earlier this month when he was dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago has settled with the airline, attorneys said Thursday in a news release.

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Dr. David Dao suffered numerous injuries when he was dragged off a flight bound for Kentucky on April 9 after refusing to give up his seat.

11-year-old saves mom after man attacks her with knife

An 11-year-old boy stopped a man who attacked his mother with a knife after the man burst into the family’s apartment Tuesday in New York, according to multiple reports.

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Police told WABC that Brian Febus, 22, knocked on the family’s apartment door around 5 p.m. Tuesday and asked to use the bathroom. Police said a woman answered the door and refused his request, and Febus kicked his way through the front door and into the apartment.

The woman ran into the kitchen with her children, ages 11 and 4, and armed herself with a knife, WABC reported. Febus, however, grabbed the knife from her hands and turned it against her, police said.

Febus cut the woman’s hand and punched her several times while her children were in the apartment, according to News 12 The Bronx.

Meanwhile, the woman’s 11-year-old son called 911 to report the home invasion, WABC reported.

Febus tried to get the boy off the phone, but the boy armed himself with another knife, according to the news station. He stabbed Febus twice before the older man fled, WABC reported.

The woman and her son were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital with injuries that they suffered in the attack, according to News 12 The Bronx. Police told the news station that, by coincidence, Febus turned up at the same hospital for treatment of his own injuries.

He was arrested on burglary and assault charges.

Police said he was no stranger to authorities. Before his most recent arrest, Febus had been arrested 14 other times.

New solar eclipse stamp changes when touched from eclipsed sun to full moon

To commemorate the total solar eclipse over the US in August, the U.S. Postal Service is releasing a landmark stamp that does something no other stamp can.

The Total Solar Eclipse Forever stamp, which will be issued June 20, changes when you touch it from an image of the eclipsed sun to one of the full moon.

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On August 21, the moon will slip between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow that will create the first full solar eclipse over the U.S. in 38 years.

In a swath of the country from South Carolina to Oregon, darkness will reign in the middle of the day for a full two minutes and 40 seconds, beginning at 1:25 p.m. in the Eastern time zone.

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The solar eclipse stamp image is a photograph taken by astrophysicist Fred Espenak, aka Mr. Eclipse, of Portal, AZ, that shows a total solar eclipse seen from Jalu, Libya, on March 29, 2006.

Thermochromic ink makes the stamp work. Using the heat of your finger, the image will reveal an underlying image of the moon, which Espenak also took. The image reverts back to the eclipse once it cools.

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Thermochromic inks are vulnerable to UV light and should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible to preserve this special effect. To help ensure longevity, the Postal Service will be offering a special envelope to hold and protect the stamp pane for a nominal fee.

The back of the stamp will have a map of the eclipse path.

Read more here. 

Can you spot the snake in this photo?

An image gaining attention on the internet is a fun optical illusion while also serving as a careful reminder to observe your surroundings and watch your footings when hiking and venturing outside this summer. 

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A photo shared by @SssnakeySci, identified by Mashable as snake biologist Helen Plylar, shows an expanse of leaves.

But there’s more than just leaves in the photo. 

The photo supposedly shows a concealed Agkistrodon contortrix, more commonly known as the copperhead snake.

“Cute but venomous, so no touchy!” Plylar tweeted.

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Plylar said the photo was sent to her by a man named Jerry Davis.

After the photo went viral, Plylar posted a note on Twitter, reminding people to respect snakes. 

“For everyone enjoying this puzzle, please remember: Snakes deserve to live just as we do. Treat them with care (and) respect, not hate (and) fear.”

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Still can’t find the reptile? Scroll down to get some help.

And while there’s no clear indication of where the snakes are in these photos, check out similar photos social media users sent to Plylar: 

High schoolers don wacky prom suits, go viral

A group of Mississippi high school students is gaining the internet’s attention for its creative prom fashion choices.

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A photo of 10 Madison High School students decked out in flashy, themed suits was posted Sunday on Twitter by Nick Louvier. 

"I posted it that night and originally I didn't think anything of it,” Louvier, who wore an American flag-themed suit, told Mississippi News Now. “It just started blowing up.”

By Thursday, the post had garnered more than 190,000 likes and over 38,000 retweets.

"We did it to stand out,” Stedman Strickland, who wore a light blue suit decorated with palm trees and bright pink flamingos, told Mississippi News Now. “We're definitely standing out now. We didn't know it would get this big."

The suits were made by Shinesty, a Colorado-based company that prides itself on its unusual and outlandish collections.

Madison High School student Taylor Lyle, who wore a Green Bay Packers-themed suit to prom, told Mississippi News Now that the company approached the teens after their photo went viral and pitched the idea of having them serve as brand ambassadors or interns.

"We're definitely going to remember this forever, for sure," Louvier told the news station.

Ivanka Trump wishes Melania Trump a happy 47th birthday

The First Lady of the United States celebrated her 47th birthday on Wednesday, and her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump, shared a message to her on social media.

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With a photo of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Inaugural Ball in January, Ivanka Trump wrote, “Happy Birthday to our First Lady (and my incredible step-mom!) ...  A wonderful example of kindness and grace for us all! Wishing you an amazing year to come! xx.”

Ivanka Trump, 35, has had a busy week between ringing in the First Lady’s birthday and her travels to Berlin, but she also made sure to make time for her children.

Upon returning from Germany, Ivanka Trump shared an video of herself playing with her youngest child, Theodore.

“Straight from the plane to a date with the kids in the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens. It was an amazing trip, but it’s great to be home!”

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Hershey getting health conscious, cutting chocolate calories by 2022

The Hershey Co. is promising to make major changes in the calorie count of some of its chocolate snacks.

The company announced last week that it wants to cut the calories in 50 percent of its standard and king-size confectionary snacks by 2022, and include easier-to-read nutrition labels on the front of 100 percent of its standard and king-size packaging by the end of next year.

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Hershey CEO Michele Buck said in a statement that the calorie campaign is part of the company’s efforts at “providing the choice and transparency” about its chocolate products that customers want.

“These steps will provide an even wider range of portion options and clear information to help them select treats that fit their lifestyles,” Buck said.

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About 31 percent of Hershey’s standard and king-size snack products contain 200 calories or less, the company said, and 70 percent already have front nutrition labels.

Chipotle to debut first dessert

Chipotle plans to add a dessert item to its menu this year.

The Denver-based Mexican grill announced Tuesday it will begin testing a fried dough dessert next month, Business Insider reported

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Chipotle’s buñuelos, a traditional Mexican dessert, are fried tortillas sprinkled with honey, cinnamon and sugar. They’re to be served with caramel-apple dipping sauce.

“It’s simple to make and requires us to add just a few additional ingredients,” Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said, according to Yahoo. “They’re delicious and complement our menu nicely.”

It’s unclear which locations nationwide will offer the dessert first. 

Although Chipotle announced last year that it would be adding a dessert item to the menu, the buñuelo comes as a surprise, as many speculated the restaurant chain would debut churros as its first dessert.Chipotle is known for being slow to change its menu. According to Business Insider, the addition of buñuelos will be the company’s third major change in 20 years.

The most recent addition was chorizo, which Chipotle began offering in October. 

The company also announced that sales at restaurants that have been open at least a year rose 17.8 percent in the first quarter, and revenue increased 28.1 percent to $1.07 billion. Chipotle’s stock rose, and Ells said the increases indicates a “strong start” to the year.

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Stranger pays for disabled woman's groceries

A woman who recently moved to an Iowa town experienced the generosity of locals firsthand.Jill Zimmerman, 35, told The Des Moines Register that she moved to Bettendorf at the beginning of April. She was grocery shopping at Hy-Vee on April 18 when she realized at the checkout stand that she had forgotten her electronic benefit transfer, or EBT card. Zimmerman didn't have any other way to pay for her groceries.The store manager offered to hold her groceries for her while she returned home to retrieve her EBT card but Zimmerman said she probably wouldn't be able to make it back, as she is disabled and has mobility issues. She took the bus to the store.

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That's when Marsha White, 59, stepped in to assist. She was behind Zimmerman in line and asked if she could pay for Zimmerman's groceries. At first Zimmerman resisted, but once she realized that White was genuine and sincere in her compassionate offer, she accepted. Zimmerman hugged White and thanked her for buying the groceries.White told The Des Moines Register that she had two friends who were dealing with health issues who received good news recently, so she wanted to pay it forward by helping out Zimmerman.Reports of the random act of kindness have gone viral on social media, inspiring others to share their stories.

Handicapped man forced to leave store on knees after staff takes away electric cart

A handicapped Iowa man has received an apology from a store at which employees forced him to “walk” out of the store on his knees after confiscating the store-provided electric cart he was using. 

Shane Zahn, a Garner resident who is missing his right foot, had completed his shopping at Mills Fleet Farm in Mason City and was attempting to take the cart out to his vehicle when he was stopped and told he could not use the cart in the parking lot. 

“After I got out of the store, right in front of the door I was told I was not allowed to take the wheelchair out into the parking lot, and I said 'Huh?'” Zahn told KIMT News 3 in Mason City. “I said, 'I’ve done this before.' She said, ‘The wheelchair is to not be out. It needs to come back in.’ I said, 'What am I supposed to do, crawl out of the store?’”

Ultimately, that’s what Zahn did, after returning all of the items he had purchased. He also had his son record his exit, which he posted to Facebook. 

“Paid for all my items and went to leave, was told I couldn't use the wheelchair to go to the car,” Zahn wrote in the Facebook post. “Returned all my items and had to walk out on my hands and knees. Just trying to make people aware of how Fleet Farm treats handicapped customers.”

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The photos and video footage exploded across social media, with more than 112,000 people sharing it, more than 36,000 people reacting to it and another 11,000 commenting on Zahn’s post as of Thursday morning. While most were horrified and sympathetic, some people questioned Zahn’s story, with one commenter asking how he got into the store in the first place. 

Zahn told KIMT 3 News that his son dropped him off in front of the store before parking the car. He said he usually brings in his own manual wheelchair, except in stores like Fleet Farm that have electric ones for customers’ use. 

Another man questioned Zahn’s handicap.

“He’s not handicapped. If he was, he wouldn’t be walking on his knees so well,” the man wrote on Zahn’s post. 

Others in the Facebook thread jumped to Zahn’s defense, pointing out that the video shows the right leg of his pants trailing on the floor where his foot and part of his leg should be. 

“He’s missing a foot. Your knees still work without a foot,” one woman said. 

Fleet Farm acknowledged the incident in a post on the company’s own Facebook page, admitting that an employee refused to allow Zahn to use the cart to access his car. 

“While use of carts in the parking lot with the uneven terrain can pose a hazard, we feel that in this instance our team member made the wrong decision,” Fleet Farm CEO Wayne Sales said in the statement. “We apologize to the customer and to everyone who may be affected.”

Sales told KIMT 3 News that, although the company has policies and guidelines in place to protect customers from accidents with the electric carts in the parking lots, those guidelines do not include denying customers the use of the carts. 

Sales said the company failed to live up to its values and that employees “should have gone the extra mile and helped the customer use the cart to return to his vehicle after shopping.” He said the company wants to “make things right” with Zahn, though he did not say what that would entail. 

Mills Fleet Farm is a chain of 35 stores across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota that sell sporting goods, lawn and garden supplies, hardware, clothing and other general merchandise, according to its website. 

Ohio man accused of trying to join ISIS in Syria

An Ohio man is in federal custody, facing charges related to attempting to provide material support to terrorist group ISIS.

FBI agents on the Joint Terrorism Task Force on Wednesday arrested Laith Waleed Alebbini, 26, at Cincinnati/Kentucky International Airport. Alebbini was on his way to Syria to join ISIS fighters, the FBI said.

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Authorities said in a news release that Alebbini is accused of attempting to “provide material support or resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.” 

Alebbini arrived in the United States in July 2014 on a student visa from Jordan, according to the affidavit. Alebbini was arrested on Jan. 10 for unlawful entry into the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C., but the charges were dismissed. 

Alebbini refused to say why he was on the property, but said, “You are going to regret this” when he was escorted from the property, authorities said. 

He attempted to travel to Turkey via Amsterdam on Jan. 12, but was denied because his Jordanian passport had expired. He carried only a backpack and did not check luggage, according to the affidavit. He returned to the U.S. on Jan. 15.

Alebbini, a citizen of Jordan and a legal permanent resident of the U.S. as of April 2014, will appear Thursday afternoon in federal court in Dayton.

>> See the latest on

R. Kelly sued for alleged affair with deputy’s wife

Singer R. Kelly is facing legal trouble after he was accused of being involved with a man’s wife.

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According to WAPT News, Kenny Bryant, a deputy in the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi, filed a lawsuit in circuit court against Kelly on April 21.

Bryant claims that his wife, Asia Childress, admitted to having a relationship with Kelly before the two were married in July 2012, Fox News reported. Childress told Bryant that her relationship with Kelly ended before their wedding.

But Childress and Kelly rekindled their relationship that fall after Childress attended one of Kelly’s concerts, according to the lawsuit. Bryant said he was unaware that the two were frequently communicating.

Childress and Kelly communicated via text message, phone calls and in-person visits, the lawsuit says.

“Each time R. Kelly would have a concert in a nearby state, Childress would disappear to reunite wit her love,” the suit says. “Time after time, R. Kelly cuckolded Bryant, with blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’ vows.”

Childress also convinced Bryant to move from Mississippi to Georgia, claiming that the move would benefit her career.

“The ulterior motive ... was to foster her relationship with R. Kelly,” the lawsuit says. 

Bryant quit his job and moved to Atlanta, where he was “unable to find profitable employment,” according to the lawsuit. 

“As a result of her adulterous relationship with R. Kelly, Childress endeavored to live a lifestyle that surpassed her economic abilities and convinced Bryant to aid her in living beyond her means,” documents say.

Bryant claims that he suffered “grievous mental and emotional distress” and “financial ruin” as a result of the nearly five-year long relationship that his wife had with the 50-year-old musician.

Childress filed for divorce from Bryant, an action that the lawsuit says is “due to R. Kelly’s actions.”

Read the full lawsuit here.

Parents concerned about sex ed being taught to second-graders

Parents are expressing concern over the sex education curriculum being taught to their second-graders at a St. Louis preparatory school.The parents feel that Lafayette Preparatory Academy's sexual education curriculum, "Our Whole Lives," is not age-appropriate, and uses graphic terminology, according to KSDK. "Our Whole Lives" is a sexual education program created by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.

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It is unclear what section is being taught to second-graders at Lafayette. According to the Our Whole Lives website, there is not a specific curriculum designed for second-graders. Different parts of the curriculum are taught at all grade levels. According to the Our Whole Lives website, the K-1 curriculum discusses the human body, families and childbirth. Parents of Lafayette second-grade students told KSDK that sexual acts and sexual terminology were discussed.Lafayette Preparatory Academy told KSDK that it will make it easier for parents to opt out of the sex ed program, but stood by the curriculum, saying in a statement that Our Whole Lives provides "accurate, developmentally appropriate information."

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